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Most of Starfleet's weaponry are supplied by a single company -- or, really, if they're honest with themselves, a single guy, so it stands to reason that when Tony Stark needs an escort, he gets an entire ship dedicated to his safe arrival on whatever planet.

So they're there at some docking station and exchanging pleasantries and conditions, and Tony Stark is behind a few bodyguards as the Captain, Jim Kirk, works out any remaining kinks or concerns with Tony's keeper, a Colonel James Rhodes. Rhodes's concerns, it turns out, are mostly warnings for Kirk's benefit, as the Colonel takes him aside with conspiratorial whispers like "You don't let him distract you," and "He's got a way about things, don't fall for it."

It's not until after the bustling of crates to be delivered (weaponry, for a demonstration) and Tony's personal belongings for the trip, men and women in grey Stark Industries uniforms coordinating with the golds and reds and blues of Starfleet officers, that the man himself, wearing a high collared suit that spoke of money and importance buttoned over his left breast, approaches the captain of the Enterprise with a smooth smile, one right out of any new hologram and pictures past and says to him, "Careful, I'm precious cargo," while offering a handshake.
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The moment the house's invisible scanners registered an aware consciousness, JARVIS's protocols kicked in and he greeted Steve to the day of light: "Good morning, Captain Rogers. The date is Friday, October 7th. The temperature outside is 61 degrees with a humidity of..." He droned on through the rest, like nothing had changed, like he had never been disconnected from his conversation patterns or audio responses for the past five months.

Should Steve follow, perhaps, his instincts, or a simple word from JARVIS when prompted, he'd find himself barreling past the curving white halls and occasional hanging vine from potted plants, the bright light of repeating windows shining across hard floors in a space far too big for only one person, the sleekness of modern furniture and the cool earth tones that so contrasted against the vibrancy of the house's original owner, who -- who, as Steve could find out, sat downstairs in the workshop, long since locked, in the dark. (The workshop which had been shut down, vacant, motionless, eerie in contrast to the constant movement of before, when holograms flew through the air and the robots rolled around and always something, something was always going on, even when Tony had been sleeping: ready lights flickering on computer towers in the darkness (he never shut them down) and the steady hum of machinery lying in wait, in wait, waiting for--)

The lights were off. Tony sat in the recliner, hunched over, head hanging, one hand buried in his hair with his forehead on his palm. His back partly faced the workshop door, the thin windows through the basement buttresses enough to reveal him, and when Steve reached the keypad to punch in his access code, which would still work (of course, he had to pass through it every time he wanted to take the motorcycle out of the garage, and every time he wanted to come in through it, past all that black deadness in the shop), Tony's voice sounded out through the intercom on the wall next to it, hollow: "Guess the city wasn't ready to let me go, after all."
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Starktech is the company created in Bete Noire by Tony Stark, an endeavor he undertook after being in the city for two years and (re)gaining money, resources, and reputation. Plans and development began as far back as late 2011, and the company opened officially on April 30th, 2012. The heart of Starktech is research and development; their purpose is to strive and create technology and products that will better the city and the lives of its citizens. The project was funded solely by Tony's earnings, but with his business and scientific mind and his assistant Pepper Potts at his side, there's no doubt he'll make that back and more. The company is still very small in comparison to Stark Industries back home--just one office building and a factory--but he's working on that. He's good at making things larger than life.

For the moment, Starktech is focused on products that directly contribute to the city's well-being, such as equipment for the hospital and for the police or other government-related or well-meaning organizations. Once they're solidly on their feet, they'll begin production for fun things for the everyday consumer.

A policy that Tony is clear on: the company is there to help. They're a business, and they earn money, but they're there to help.

They do not create weapons.


All new employees undergo standard training for their departments, and each department has the standard jobs for secretaries or assistants.

All employees also sign hiring and confidentiality contracts.

They must not share Starktech information.

R&D: Starktech's Research and Development Department is the largest of the departments. It's where all the products are thought of and created; Tony, when he's not forced into playing CEO and even when he is, often has a hand (or Extremis) in this department, and will often shuck off ideas and projects onto his R&D team that he doesn't have the time for. Developers are encouraged to create their own products as well, but all products must have Tony's approval before undergoing development and research.

All products created will be under a Starktech patent. Payment for the R&D team is a varying wage depending on individual evaluation, and is very worth the work put in.

Besides the main developers/researchers, the R&D team also has lab assistants and technicians. They are always juggling more than one product at a time.

The head of R&D is currently Dr. Camilla Ostermeyer.

Legal: This department handles all the legal matter in running a business--licenses, patents, hiring and confidentality contacts, etc. It also handles internal discipline of employees, should they get out of hand or create a scuffle between themselves. Violence and sexual harassment between workers is heavily punished, and any accused employees will undergo review boards to ensure just accusation and the appropriate punishment if convicted, whether it ends up as temporary suspension without pay or a complete letting go of them. They will also be reported to the police.

The legal department will also assist employees should they become victims of crimes outside of the workplace.

The head of legal is currently an NPC.

Accounting: A smaller department, but no less important. Accounting handles the company's money and resources, and also is responsible for employee paychecks. If any issues arise with your paycheck, here's where you go! Accounting also handles new equipment requests, though more often than not people will go directly to Tony.

The head of accounting is currently an NPC.

Marketing: The public-relations and marketing department. People here are responsible for taking a product when it's nearing sale-status and create advertisements and pitches that will sell them to their intended target audience. They have representatives they can send to interested parties and organizations.

The head of marketing is currently an NPC.

Security: The security is taken seriously around Starktech. The office and factory have security cameras throughout them, and personnel often take patrols around the perimeter; they do not often go into the office building, using instead cameras to watch goings-on; Tony would rather not make employees uncomfortable. The parking lots at both sites have gates drivers must pass through with verification of their company identity. The gates have automated retinal scans, but there is often also a guard stationed there.

All personnel are given safety training, a uniform, a flashlight, a nightstick, bluetooth hands-free comm sets, and a pistol. All personnel are required to leave their guns and comm sets in lockers at the office site once they finish their shifts. Any use of the gun outside of work will not be tolerated.

The security department is available on call for any employee.

The head of security is currently an NPC.

Labor Force: Not a department in its own right, but certainly a force with perhaps the largest number of people. The labor force for Starktech are the worker bees--the janitors, custodians, cafeteria workers, maintenance, and factory workers. They keep the office building clean and running, usually seen in night shifts as they clean the day's going-ons. Factory workers are the oil-and-callous-covered workers who assemble products in the Starktech factory, check for quality, and ensure the factory machines are doing their jobs.

It is extremely easy to get a job as manual labor.

Current Employees

All employees must have sent in applications and been interviewed (usually handwaved and talked out OOCly unless requested otherwise!). They are also given background checks.

Every employee is given a company ID that they can use to access various floors and rooms. Some IDs will not access all floors. Ex: the R&D floor is usually only available to R&D team members and workers.

Most job positions require characters to be eighteen or above. Other smaller jobs, like interning assisting, only require characters to be sixteen or above. Tony has a hand in every employee hired, but more often than not, Pepper Potts is the one who actually met and interviewed them.

All employees are susceptible to evaluation at any time.

Tony Stark: Your boss and CEO and overlord. His office is on the top floor and is always guarded by a tall, bald, black man in a suit. (His name is Rodney McGraw. He's an awesome NPC.) Sometimes Tony is in his office. Sometimes he's not. Sometimes he's in there but no one is let in because he's busy playing R&D. Besides R&D, he really only has frequent contact with the other departments through their department heads. He's rich. B)
Pepper Potts: Tony's personal assistant. She gets her hands into many of the departments and might be seen as more the CEO than Tony himself. Pepper works every day from 8am to 6-7pm and is probably running around a lot. Paid amazingly.
Camilla Ostermeyer: Head of R&D. Camilla has her own office near the labs and is responsible for the R&D team's productivity. She liaisons to Tony for any issue/problem or question/request. She oversees the other team member's projects as well as her own, if she can manage the time. The R&D team has no set work schedule, but they do have product deadlines, and the labs are always open to them any time of day or night. They are expected to work hard and long. Has a fixed wage plus bonuses for performance. Paid amazingly.
Bennett Halverson: One of the scientists on the R&D team. She has her own workspace near Topher's, but the main labs are shared by the entire team. The R&D team has no set work schedule, but they do have product deadlines, and the labs are always open to them any time of day or night. They are expected to work hard and long, and to get along. She has access to both the development labs and the research labs and is allowed free passage to either one at any time. Depending on performance, paid amazingly or decently.
Topher Brink: One of the scientists on the R&D team. He has his own workspace near Bennett's, but the main labs are shared by the entire team. The R&D team has no set work schedule, but they do have product deadlines, and the labs are always open to them any time of day or night. They are expected to work hard and long, and to get along. He has access to both the development labs and the research labs and is allowed free passage to either one at any time. Depending on performance, paid amazingly or decently.
Winifred Burkle: One of the scientists on the R&D team. She has her own workspace, but the main labs are shared by the entire team. The R&D team has no set work schedule, but they do have product deadlines, and the labs are always open to them any time of day or night. They are expected to work hard and long, and to get along. She has access to both the development labs and the research labs and is allowed free passage to either one at any time. Depending on performance, paid amazingly or decently.
Minion: One of the lab assistants for the R&D team. He is expected to do anything and everything required of him from the scientists, whether that's fetching those files over there or making sure those tests on that computer are run correctly. His hours are much looser in comparison to the scientists, and the R&D department has a lot of willing assistants to swap in and out of duty. Minion works only days, never nights. He goes where he's needed. He has a fixed income as according to the amount of hours worked. Paid decently.
Joan Holloway Harris: An office manager for the accounting department. She oversees the accounting office and sends reports to the accounting head (also usually to Pepper, who is kinda of Tony's acting hand in everything); she also gives input on developing policies. She also drafts correspondence, and whatever else an office manager does. Always works days, regular work schedule, has a fixed income according to hours worked. Paid well.
Mr. Rumplestiltskin Gold: A lawyer in the legal department. Gold handles cases as they come within the company, as according to Bete Noire law. He is apart of the board that gives internal employee cases their hearings and decisions and is also available to take cases for employees outside of the workplace. His day-to-day tasks include assisting the company with legal matters of the business sense, usually working within accounting. He has a fixed income as according to the amount of hours worked, plus bonuses for outside cases. Paid well.
Aramis: Security personnel. Aramis is most often stationed in the factory to patrol the perimeter and the workers inside, including the "mysterious" elevator in the back of the factory that only Tony himself is allowed into--even though no one but Tony himself can even open it. Aramis most often works days but may be called in for nights. He has a fixed income as according to the amount of hours worked. Paid decently.


Office Building
Fifth Floor: Tony's office, department heads offices, meeting room.
Fourth Floor: Research and development. Work spaces and labs.
Third Floor: Offices. Legal and accounting. Employee lounge area.
Second Floor: Offices. Marketing. Security.
First Floor: Reception/waiting area. Public lounge. Cafe. Gym. Security.

It's a big factory.

An in-depth description of the setting with pictures can be found in this log!
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Here is a list of Iron Man armor names and designs, with a brief description of their capabilities. All armors use Tony's miniature arc reactor, embedded into his chest, as their power source. The later versions, detailed in their descriptions, also use his Extremis abilities.

The Basics

The Heads-Up Display (HUD)
Not an actual armor, the HUD is the holographic interface seen around Tony's face when he is inside the armor. The HUD allows his a full view of the outside world, sending data and messages to him about everything he sees -- from people's profiles to object analysis to system diagnostics and targeting locks. The HUD is also a way for him to interact with Jarvis, the A.I. who helps to run the suit, and a way to phone in, radio, or otherwise contact people. The HUD has several useful views, including normal view, thermal view, and night vision. With Extremis, Tony is able to connect his brain directly to the armor's systems and the HUD.

While different from the comics' version of Extremis, the ability Tony has in Bete Noire is based off of it. Extremis is the biomechanical power granted to Tony in Bete Noire back in November 2010. It rewrote his brain and body into something more than human -- he can, in honesty, no longer classify as solely human if based on biology alone. His brain is now based more on how a computer functions, including data storage and processing. Like a technopath, he is able to connect his mind to and control computer-based machines and communication signals, such as (obviously) computers, radios, phones, satellites (if there were any in Bete Noire), etc. An example of a machine he is not capable of connecting to is a car engine. He can connect to the computer in a car, but not the engine itself. He is capable of connecting to the entirety of the city's resources at once and keeping the information separate and clear in his mind; however, this sacrifices his ability to feel present and attached to his own body, and often when connected to many things with Extremis, his eyes gain a disconnected or faraway look.

Extremis also revamped his body. Stored inside the hollow of his bones is the gold Extremis undersheath, which he can call forth out of the holes in his body: one on each side of his chest, and six on his back with three lining down either side of his spine. The undersuit is vital to later versions of the Iron Man armor. Extremis has also enhanced Tony's bodily capabilities: he heals a little faster than a regular human, and his internal systems generally work faster. As a few examples, alcohol is more quickly cleared out of his system, his immune system is enhanced to better deal with sickness, and physical injuries knit back together faster.

The Armors

The Mark I
Same as the movie version. Tony no longer actually has this armor, as it did not come with him to Bete Noire. This is the armor he used to escape the terrorists. He built it in a cave. With a box of scraps.

The Mark II
Same as the movie version. This is the armor Tony first built when he returned from Afghanistan. It uses a regular metal, has the flight and steering jet abilities, the HUD with a much busier and colorful design, and a silver color. In Bete Noire, Tony used the Mark II and remodeled it to closer resemble the Mark III after the Sentient Armor destroyed the Mark III; he had not the resources to build a brand new model at the time.

The Mark III
Same as the movie version. This armor is fully flight- and battle-capable, and is built out of a gold-titanium alloy. It is able to reach supersonic speeds, use the repulsors (a propulsion system for flight, the hands as steering jets/stabilizers, that can double as weapons), the unibeam (an extremely strong repulsor blast directed through the chest RT), anti-personnel guns in the shoulders, an anti-tank missile in the right forearm, and flares at the hips. This model was destroyed by the Sentient Armor.

The Mark IV
An improved, more streamlined version of the Mark III. Built in Bete Noire after the zombie invasion, Tony revamped the flight system to better accommodate passengers, should he need to carry someone while flying. Flaps were added to help steering if his hands, and therefore the stabilizers, were full. This version of the armor has a slightly different color design, but still holds all the weapons and battle-capabilities of the Mark III. It also fixed any weaknesses in the Mark III design, providing more flexibility around the torso and more protection around the neck area. The repulsors are also stronger, and the suit has a limited oxygen supply that allows Tony to cut off or filter the air around him should it prove toxic. (This also allows him some time underwater, but the suit is not designed for underwater movement.) The Mark IV is the first version capable of the radius blast, a powerful and wide-spread repulsor blast that extends out from the armor in the form of a violent sphere.

The Mark V
A highly improved version, far overpowering other models in offensive capabilities. Tony built this model in Bete Noire after he discovered the new element to replace palladium in his chest reactor, which saved his life. The improved reactor core greatly exceeded its power output of the other versions by six times, allowing Tony to make changes to the armor he only dreamed about before. Cosmetically, the color design shows off more of its gold color, and the trademark circle on the chest has been replaced by a triangle in homage to the newly discovered element which saved his life. Overall, the repulsors, unibeam, and flight abilities are more powerful, but Tony added several weapons to its arsenal. Retaining everything from earlier versions, the Mark V also used propulsion jets on its back for more speed and allowing Tony full use of his hands in flight if needed; weapons-wise, the Mark V gained the use of adhesive grenades stored in the left forearm, and the disgustingly powerful red lasers able to cut through near anything with deadly precision. One laser is stored in each wrist/top of the hand, and each is only able to be used once per battle. After he gained Extremis a couple months later, Tony tweaked the Mark V to work with his Extremis abilities, connecting it closer to his brain and central nervous system. Unfortunately, the Mark V was crushed in a battle with the Hulk early September 2011.

The Mark VI
The portable briefcase armor. Tony built the Mark VI (actually the Mark V in canon) to take with him on the boat trip to Babylon. (Unfortunately, that boat trip never happened thanks to a convenient volcano-portal.) The first armor designed around his Extremis abilities, the alloy is specially designed to be a sort of memory metal, capable of folding into itself and strengthening and hardening when polarized. Intricately fitted into a briefcase that can open and unfold, Tony uses Extremis to reform the armor around him. The Mark VI is far less powerful than other versions due to its portability: he does not have the extra weapons such as the guns or missiles, and it cannot handle the weight capacity of a passenger while in flight. A note about this armor in difference from its canon version is that the chest emblem is a triangle instead of a circle.

The Mark VII
The first armor to fully show off the capabilities of Extremis. Months of practice has toned Tony's Extremis ability to near perfection. The Mark VII model is sleeker, sharper, and smoother than others before. Built to replace the Mark V, which was crushed by the Hulk, it retains all the weapons and abilities of former models with a few improvements and additions. Cosmetically, it still displays the triangular light in the chest, but returns to the more red of earlier versions. Aside from previous models' offensive capabilities, the Mark VII is more capable of defense. Using Extremis, the armor is directly connected to the gold undersheath stored within Tony's body, and he can control the armor with simple brain impulses, making it the fastest armor to date. Integrated also is part of the memory-metal technology, allowing movement even if the armor should be damaged or dented in joints -- all of it controlled through Extremis. The undersheath, a combination of tech and biology, allows a regenerative quality, a slow process that can self-repair the armor and its systems. (In Bete Noire, this is not yet able to heal Tony himself, beyond the initial enhancements.) Another noteworthy addition is the use of force fields in the armor. Using a modified repulsor field, Tony is capable of creating a force field around himself and others; however, this renders him unable to use his weapons, as it requires a great deal of power. Lastly, the repulsors have been slightly modified to be able to switch over to a sonic blast, adapted from the sonic fire extinguishers he designed for the Bete Noire Fire Department. No one but Tony himself is capable of piloting this armor.

The Hulkbuster Armor
Tony got the idea to create a hard-hitting armor focused solely on strength after his run-in with the Hulk. Named so because of its original intent to be able to combat Bruce Banner's Hulk form, the armor was created with extreme amounts of strength and defense. It has been completed and used in battle. Update on its capabilities later. Size comparison.

The Mark VIII
Completed. Capabilities to be updated.

The Stealth Armor
Completed. Capabilities to be updated.
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